Circural screen feeders

This type of machine is one of the important elements of the preparation of raw materials by grinding and extruding through screens with suitable mesh sizes, or wetting and other necessary kinds of treatment. 

As with pressing machines and mixers, we have many years of experience in developing our own machines. We guarantee a high share of our equipment in the required productivity of the entire production unit while optimizing costs thanks to the possibility of repeated renovation of working parts.
During the trial operation of each piece of machinery provided by us, we provide operator training, delivery of the necessary documentation, a log book for necessary inspections and replacements of operating media, warranty and post-warranty service and, last but not least, follow-up care of our sales representatives in case of replacement and renovation of spare parts.

Detailed technical solutions and parameters of extrusion mixers can be downloaded here:

CIRCULAR SCREEN FEEDER Technical solution and specifications