Installation, complete overhaul and renovation


  • Machines
  • Spare parts
  • Anti-wear protection

Do you need professional assistance or the complete disassembly, installation or replacement of parts, machines or other equipment from our area of competence?
We will assemble flexibly the right team of our employees / fitters for the successful realization of the entire operation. Our mobile assembly groups work under the guidance of experienced foremen according to a pre-agreed procedure – with our own tools and implements. We are able to provide lifting, handling and transport equipment at the site of the operation.

We have many years of experience with complete overhauls of machines and equipment, or with renovations of their worn parts. We will arrange for the disassembly of your equipment, the transfer to our assembly hall, the disassembly and evaluation of the condition of individual parts. After proposing further repair / modification procedure, e.g. in order to increase the performance of the machine and to resolve the business side of things, we will perform a complete overhaul.
Most machine parts can be renovated, which saves the customer considerable costs. By reviewing the condition of individual parts and selecting a suitable method of renovation (see also the following chapters Spare parts and Anti-wear protection), we guarantee a long service life of the parts we have renovated. We will deliver the machine to the destination and put it back into operation.


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