Screens and grid plates

We manufacture various types of screens and grid plates for the preparation, grinding, filtration or separation of raw materials. We have been using our own burning unit with a water table to manufacture these parts with round or oval holes for many years and with invaluable experience.

Specialized cutting workstation with the Hypertherm XPR 300 plasma source with a water table measuring 6500 x 3000 mm

  • maximum burnt-piece size 6000 x 2500 mm
  • burning of holes takes place under water and thus the properties of the material are not degraded

Plasma torch burning

  • structural steels from 4 to 40 mm in thickness
  • stainless steel from 3 to 30 mm in thickness
  • metal sheets with full-area welds of their total thickness from 6 to 30 mm
  • the smallest possible grate perforation is 12 mm; the holes can be both perpendicular and conical with burning thickness of up to 5 mm.
  • for screens of the most frequently required thickness from 10 to 15 mm, we can make perforations from 10 mm with burning thickness of 3 mm

Burning with an oxyacetylene burner

  • structural steels of up to 120 mm in thickness
  • high-strength steels of up to 40 mm in thickness
  • the burner can be tilted to different angles for burning of bevels

We bend and roll bend screens as required. We provide grid plates and screens with appropriate mounting openings for fitting them in machines, or connecting material in the required quality and strength. Especially in the brick industry, we often supply a complete set of wheel mill grid plates, including replacement during the agreed downtime of the machine at the customer’s site, see the chapter Installation, complete overhaul and renovation.


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