Screw segments

Every year we produce and renovate hundreds of different screws in different variants with a guarantee of dimensional and shape accuracy, we are a supplier of screw segments.

We own a unique technology of cold forming of screw blades, thanks to which we also offer deliveries of individual screw segments. We guarantee their maximum geometric accuracy of the screw segment, especially the accuracy of its pitch, which has a major impact on the resulting pressures and, in the case, of screw pressing machines and the quality of pressing not only structural and stainless steels but also other abrasion resistant materials such as Hardox 400.
Depending on the subsequent use in a specific environment, screw segments can be provided with anti-wear protection, which optimizes their service life. The most common method is hardfacing based on chromium and tungsten carbides. Another protection method is a method developed by us called AWELD Ceram that is based on ceramic plates. We use abrasion-resistant steels HARDOX, Cruesabro, etc. for the requirements of the best possible sliding properties of screw surfaces.

Technical specifications
At a specialized workplace for pressing segments with the HF1 MDVX Flight pressing machine, we are able to realize segments for spiral worms with the following parameters:

  • minimum inner diameter of segments of 50 mm
  • maximum outer diameter of segments does of 2500 mm with the maximum height of segment blades of 650 mm
  • maximum pitch of segments to the size of the large diameter of the segments
  • metal sheets from 4 to 40 mm in thickness

The listed parameters are only indicative, as the combination of limit values depending on the quality of the material may not always be feasible within a guaranteed tolerance. On the contrary, in some cases of combinations we are able to get outside the range of limit values. We will be happy to process your request for the manufacture of segments in our sales and technical department. Contact our office without any commitment.


Na specializovaném pracovišti pro lisování segmentů lisovacím zařízením HF1 MDVX Flight jsme schopni realizovat segmenty pro šnekovnice následujících parametrů:

  • vnitřní průměr segmentu minimálně 50 mm
  • vnější průměr segmentu maximálně 2500 mm při výšce listu segmentu maximálně 650 mm
  • maximální stoupání segmentu do výše rozměru velkého průměru segmentu
  • tloušťka plechu od 4 mm do 40 mm

Uvedené parametry jsou pouze orientační, neboť kombinace mezních hodnot v závislosti na jakosti materiálu nemusí být vždy proveditelná v zaručené toleranci. Naopak v některých případech kombinací jsme schopni dostat se i mimo rozsah mezních hodnot. Vaši poptávku realizace segmentů rádi zpracujeme v našem obchodně-technickém oddělní. Nezávazně kontaktujte naši kancelář.