Years of experience and unique technology for auger leaf production.  We mainly supply to the following industries:

  • Production of construction materials
  • Production of catalysts
  • Production of technical ceramics
  • Casting
  • Food-processing industry
  • Biomass processing
  • Biogas plants 
  • Energetics and coal processing
  • Transportation of bulk materials
  • Sugar industry
  • Raw material recycling
  • Production of aluminium
  • Paper industry

We usually produce screws as a weldment, where the screw segments are welded onto the hub. We produce screw segments for unique devices, which allows our company to achieve maximum geometric precision. We provide the screws with various LINK protections against wear in order to achieve their maximum service life, according to the needs of the customer.    We can also produce screws with machining technology or as castings from wear-resistant steels such as Cr.



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