AWELD has unique moulding technology for cold auger leaf forming. It guarantees maximum geometrical precision of the auger segment, especially the accuracy of its ascent, which has a major impact on emerging pressures, and in the case of screw presses, even on the pressing quality from Hardox 400 material.    We produce auger segments up to a diameter of 2,700 mm.

The auger segments can be provided with LINK protection against  wear in order to optimize their service life, according to their subsequent use.   The most common way is to weld on a LINK hard facing based on chromium carbides and tungsten.  Another method of protection is AWELD Ceram LINK - a method developed by us based on ceramic plates.   When the best possible sliding properties of auger surfaces are required, we use HARDOX LINK abrasion-resistant steel, Cruesabro etc.



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